Hand Wash Station

Portable Hand Wash Station

*Note* Due to the coronavirus demand for these units has increased, so please contact us as soon as possible to check availability and reserve your units.

Our portable hand wash stations are the ideal solution for providing temporary hygiene facilities in the workplace.

We can deliver them across the UK, and they are suitable to be used on construction sites, in warehouses, shops and office blocks - in fact they can go just about anywhere.

These hand wash stations are self-contained units which allow people to fully wash their hands and forearms. Each unit comes with 2 sinks and is supplied with soap and paper towels.

The unit must be filled with clean tap water and should be emptied regularly. Waste liquid can normally be emptied down the drain.

If you are situated in the South West we can arrange regular visits to fill and empty the unit, as well as replenishing supplies of soap and paper towels. Customers further afield will be given training on how to operate and maintain the units, which is a straightforward process if you are close to a mains connection. We can supply refills of soap and paper towels by mail.

If you are keen to add extra facilities to your site to encourage hand washing and better hygiene these hand wash stations are a simple, no-hassle option.

They are available on short and long term loans. We are happy to advise on how many units you need.

They are often supplied alongside our portable toilets, which increase capacity and help solve concerns around social distancing.


  •  Self-contained hand wash station
  •  Two sinks per unit
  •  Foot pumps for water control
  •  Provided with soap and paper towels
  •  Separate waste and water tanks

Dimensions: Height: 1290mm Width: 720mm Dept: 520mm  

Weight: 27kg

Fresh Water Capacity: 75 Litres

If you are unsure how many units you need on your construction site, talk to a member of our team who will be able to help.

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