Self-contained chemical portable toilets do not need a connection to any services, but hot-wash portable toilets require 230v 16 amp connection to an electricity source and mains water supply. Please contact one of our staff to discuss which toilet is most suitable for your needs.

Our toilet hires come complete with jumbo toilet roll (150metres) and hand sanitising gel or soap, depending on the unit.

We always aim to collect the products as soon as possible after the duration date.

This will depend on how many people are attending, the type and duration of the event. Please use our toilet calculator to get an idea or talk to a member of our team for more information.

This will depend on your requirements. Please contact one of our experienced staff to discuss your needs.

We work on a first come first served basis, so the sooner we know about your requirements, the better. 

We use flatbed transit vehicles, however with larger loads a trailer may also be towed. We also use 4x4 with small or large trailers.

This will depend on your requirements, the number of people using them and the duration of hire.

Yes, we do hire out our equipment on long-term hire.

No lights are supplied with our toilets.

No, the toilets are not supplied with external locks but you can supply your own padlock to secure the toilet. 

Understandably there is no guarantee, we would request the toilets to be situated in an area where they are least likely to be stolen or vandalised. Please be aware that you are fully responsible for any damage that may occur whilst our units are on hire.

Septic tankers / liquid waste removal

The vacuum tanker can dispose of liquid effluent waste.

The standard distance of hose on the tanker is 40 metres. An additional hose can be supplied, but a support vehicle may be required.

Where the waste is not pumpable it may require entry into the chamber to break down and dilute the solids. Tanker operatives will attempt to break down and make it pumpable, but we cannot guarantee we can pump solids into the tankers.


Yes, mains water and electricity will be required in order to use the showers.

It is difficult to answer this as it depends on how long the event runs. The showers are supplied with two full gas bottles.

Why do I require the gas bottles in the shower unit? 

The gas heats up the water in the shower units.

Electricity is required for the internal lights, pumps and boiler in the shower unit.

The greywater can be collected in a tank and then disposed of, or a soakaway can be used (please confirm with the landowner).

The shower unit will need to be placed on even ground and situated within 15-metre proximity to the mains water and electricity supply.

Our experienced team will set up the shower unit upon delivery.

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