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What impacts your sanitation needs?

When organising an event, there are many things to take into consideration and planning in advance means that you will have the time to deal with any issues that may arise, avoiding any last-minute stress. When it comes to sanitation requirements at events, we can offer a bespoke package based on your requirements to suit your needs.

Deciding in advance on what products and how many are required is vital in the event planning process. Below are 5 important things to consider:

Event Duration & Date

The length of your event plays a massive part when planning what products and services you’ll be needing and whether you'll require short or long term hire. It's also important to remember that Summer is peak festival time, so get your sanitation service booked in as soon as you have confirmed the date of your event.

Alcohol & Food

If alcohol and food are being served at your event, you will need to hire more portable toilets as guests will be using them more frequently! 

Gender Ratio

The gender ratio of an event has an impact on what sanitation products you’ll need. If your event has more male guests, you could think about substituting some single portable toilets for more urinals - creating more space and ultimately shorter queues. 


It’s always a good idea to consider what the weather will be like during your event. If you’re hosting an event in the middle of Summer, chances are that your guests will be consuming more liquids, which will result in them using the facilities more regularly. It's important to hire enough toilets to avoid large queues forming.

Location Size

You will need to ensure that you hire the appropriate number of products for the size of your site. They must also be strategically placed so that they’re in close walking distance of any crowded areas.

If you are unsure of what will be required at your event, we have a free toilet calculator to help. Any further questions? Contact our friendly team on 01392 422666 or email info@eventhiresolutions.co.uk.

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