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Outdoor Events in 2021

With warmer weather just around the corner, thoughts are turning to going outside and meeting up with people once again. There is cautious optimism the worst of the pandemic is behind us and that finally life can return to some sort of normality.

The coronavirus has cast a shadow over society and our social lives for the past 12 months but with more people getting vaccinated and the warm weather returning, the hope is that we will be able to enjoy outdoor events this year, even if they may be smaller and more low-key than what we might be used to.

It’s likely that we will not be able to travel abroad for our summer holiday this year, as vaccinations across the world lag behind the UK, so it’s likely most people will opt for a holiday closer to home. It would be great for the tourism industry in the UK and it also means people will be searching for things to do closer to home whilst enjoying their staycation, which could mean small outdoor events will be particularly popular.

That's not to say that things will be completely normal at events this year. It’s likely we’ll still be asked to wear masks and practice social distancing. Good hygiene with regular hand washing and use of sanitisers will also remain important to help keep everyone safe.

If you're organising any kind of event this summer you will need to take extra precautions to keep your visitors as safe as possible. At EHS we can help with this.

To help with social distancing we can provide a number of hygiene facilities to help you spread out people at your event. These include portable toilets which can be placed just about anywhere. Our mains connected units will still need to be situated near a connection (obviously!), but our stand-alone units can go wherever you need them. Providing them is an ideal way to easily help spread out crowds and prevent clustering around your event site.

We would also recommend installing urinals around the site for men to use, which will help free up regular toilets and further help with social distancing.

Another straightforward and effective thing to do is to install plenty of extra hand-wash facilities around your site. We have a number of models that can help you do this, including both mains connected and portable standalone units.These units can enable people to wash their hands regularly and also help with social distancing.

If you are planning on running an event this summer, no matter how small or large, we can help. We are happy to advise on what hygiene facilities you are likely to need for your event, based on your site size, expected visitor numbers, duration, gender split, etc. 

We can then give you an idea of how many portable toilets and sinks etc. you’ll need. We would also recommend you provide adequate baby changing stations and facilities for disabled visitors. Again, we can supply portable versions of each to help boost your capacity.

For more information on any of the above and an estimate on the likely costs please contact us today for a chat.

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