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Are You Running an Event in 2023?

It’s never too early to start planning your 2023 events. After a year packed full of successful

festivals, parties, weddings, runs and charity events, we are gearing up for next summer


Our standalone portable toilets and urinals are perfect for large volumes of guests attending

a vast site as they can be easily spread out and positioned as required. The urinals assist in

freeing up regular toilets as men can easily pass by a urinal position without the need for

queuing. Understanding the importance of catering to everyone’s needs, we also offer

portable disabled units that can be fitted with baby-change facilities.

If you have guests staying overnight during the event, you may wish to consider hiring one

of our shower trailers. Requiring a 25mm pipe water connection and mains power, our units

are fitted with a digital thermostat to control temperature and pressure boosters to ensure

even water flow. The showers can be set up anywhere you can access with a vehicle,

whether that be campsites or crew areas.

This year, we added toilet and urinal trailers to our stock which are readily available should

you wish to refine your event facilities. The trailers can be positioned anywhere on site as

long as mains power is available. We offer 5+2 units and we even have a 4+1 luxury unit

which has proved to be very popular for weddings or those looking to add some opulence to

their outdoor event. Our urinal trailers provide 8-12 standing positions and 2 seated

positions – again, these can be towed wherever needed with mains power.

If you are planning on running an event next summer, no matter how small or large, we can

help. We are happy to advise on what hygiene facilities you are likely to need for your

event, based on your site size, expected attendees, duration, gender split, etc.

Please drop us an email or give us a call to enquire:


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